Wednesday, February 15, 2012

crystalicious decanter pendant lighting

you know how it goes...i pinned it from a friend who pinned it from a friend who pinned it from designalogue who got it from hd inspirations who may or may not have pulled it from apartment therapy that lead me further still to the source of all sources - the upscale upcyclings of lee broom of london.  the shop at bluebird is where these crystal-lit lovelies can be found. 

via apartment therapy

so, for what i'm sure would cost a pretty penny or two or three, lee broom could hook it up.  or, with a little ambition and the proper tools, another thrifty diy upcycle could be born.  heh?  {remember, you can't take my word for it - i don't do d.i.y. unless i am d.r.m. (down right motivated).  sorry. :) it really does seem like a beautiful and illuminating little challenge though doesn't it?}

not sure if i have shared this before or not, but there is another savvy little source by the name of greenpowerscience that has a 30 second perfect edge bottle cutter tutorial on youtube.  now it may not work so brilliantly on fancy squared-off decanters or even genuine crystal for that matter.  however, you could always find a beautiful crystal wanna be and let dan rojas (your green power science host) show you how this is the easiest, most-safe, cleanest cut you will ever get when hacking off a hunk of glass.  just a thought.  check it out HERE! or just play the video below.

after watching the above video, you'll want to ignore steps 1-5 from ehow's instructions on making a wine bottle pendant light.  skip down to step 6.  it will take you to details on the wiring finish.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

it's not too late valentine

so, i don't know about y'all, but this valentine's has not been high on the got-it-covered scale for me.  not to mention shane and i are both under the weather and feeling less-than-enthused about sharing lovey dovey exchanges in any way, shape or form.  we have to do something though - even if it is feeding each other chicken noodle soup and snuggling up to a good movie.  gifting shane some sugar (as in chocoates etc.) is probably out of the question at this point - he'd think i'm sending him to his end or something.  so what's the one thing you can give that won't come with an immune system overload and you can do from the comfort of your own cozy recovering corner?  valentine cards of course!  they are a classic v-day sweetness.  i found some creative and quirky answers to my holiday of love conundrum.  check 'em out...

make your own 3-d heart valentine
via a little hut

this sweet and simple valentine is actually for sale,
from happy dappy bits via etsy
but i figured if you really put your creative skills to work
could make for a great diy. ;)

same goes for this little colorful confetti heart valentine -
it is actually sold out on etsy, but with a few supplies and a lot of love
could be made right there at home.

printables are great! FREE printables are brilliant!!
a true statement of love and a wwII throwback with a v-day twist
are available to download & print off and personalize to your liking.
thanks to 74 lime lane

this artist has the some of the most whimsical and beautiful illustrations.
this scoop love is just one of a huge page full of free printables that
samantha hahn has made available for valentine's day.

they are the most diy friendly valentine cards of them all.
punchbowl has a variety of free digital valentine greeting cards HERE
you can even customize some of them
by inserting a pic of you & your sweetheart right on the card.

now, for those of you with a sense of humor this holiday
jib jab has a wide variety of valentine sendables
where you and your special someone get to be the star of your own love song.
i went on for myself and discovered that it is not free. boo. :(
however, it is super fun and for a buck a month -
i guess you can keep the good times rolling.