Tuesday, January 24, 2012

truth or truth: i kind of have a thing for fauxidermy

it's true...there's just something intriguing about faux mounted wildlife that inevitably catches my eye. i think - fun! quirky! bold! - interior statement.  now, i hold nothing against all of the gaston's (that was a shameless beauty & the beast reference) who flaunt a legitimately stuffed furry conquest amongst their firearms and brewage emblems.  i mean, c'mon - i still live in texas and would jump at the chance to scratch hunting off of my own bucket list.  (sorry animal lovers - no hard feelings? :)  so, showing off some fauxidermy may not hold the same sense of pride for some, but it is seriously more appealing and let's face it, not quite as sad.

anyway... i found so many diverse faux interpretations of the real deal.  and if you're feeling crafty - be sure to get to the end to find out how to make your very own faux creature settings!

via decor pad

via decor pad

via decor pad

via decor pad

via decor pad
rhino bust
this hard core guy and the contrast zebra below are from anthro's savannah story busts.
they are made from layers of repurposed cement bags & covered with vintage french book pages!
via anthropologie

zebra bust
via anthropologie

cable knit deer mount

"gorgeous deer head"
made from laminated fibreboard with striking graphic decoration
via cox and cox

hook 'em!
texas longhorn trophy
i think the tags add a nice touch don't you?!
via cardboard safari

art deco deer head mount
by banana tree studios via etsy

acrylic deer head
by science & sons via better living through design

glossy gazelle mount
(one of several mounts available!)
i particularly favored this little guy over some of the others...
you don't see many stuffed giraffes here in texas and especially not horses!  eeesh. 
something weird about a mounted horse head, but that's just me.
via z gallerie

billy large bison
via cardboard safari
billy, the longhorns above and eyan jr. below are all laser cut for precision fit from recycled cardboard.

eyan jr. medium elephant trophy
via cardboard safari

paper mache tortoise shell
handmade in haiti from entirely recycled materials
via west elm

do it yourself !

sherry at yhl completed her own dollar friendly “self-imposedchallenge”
this is what you get when you hit hobby lobby & a couple coats of spray paint.

crafty colorful foam deer head mount
via chronicle books

wire deer mount diy
via instructables

another faux foam deer mount
via design dump

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  1. i'm glad John Paul doesn't hunt, so i know i won't have to compete with any real animal heads...but he may in fact find some of these kinda cool. & i love the big G too. ;)


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